Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Student Finally Accepts that Relatives Think He Goes to RIT

Freshman Jose Canucci told press today that he has finally accepted the fact that none of his extended family, and very few of his immediate family, actually understand the difference between Rochester and Rensselaer, with many calling them "all the same thing".

The visibly defeated Canucci told reporters that he would no longer be correcting his Aunt Laurie, who definitely cannot tell the difference between the cities of Troy and Rochester, NY despite the fact that they are almost four hours apart, when she asks what he's studying at RIT, again. He also announced plans to stop spelling out "Rensselaer" for his grandmother every time she calls him.

The Canucci family, who appear completely unaware of the fact that Jose's major is not even offered at RIT, responded to the announcement with confusion and shock, saying that they thought he liked Rochester and don't understand why he wants to go to this Rensselaer place now.

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  1. As an alumnus from RIT, this is fucking great.